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Nope, sorry kids, this is not a recipe post…. well not yet anyway. This is a post about great friends. The kind that you may only see once or twice a year but nothing ever changes. You pick up right where you left off and fill in all the blanks along the way. You cherish every waking moment as the gap across your worlds slowly mends back to the way it once was when you were roommates in college, or dancing in a hula class, or being each other’s bridesmaids.

IMG_2403I was over the moon when Sista (far left) invited me over to help her roll lumpia for Thanksgiving. I was even more excited when I found out the hula girl’s(right), Megs(center), and her daughter were coming to help too. I don’t think I’ve seen many of them since last new years! And you know, that’s how it goes. We grow up, move away, and get really busy. It often becomes challenging to find a weekend that we’re all free. And then, out of the blue, there it is, that one weekend that no one is busy! And, well, you throw a lumpia party!


I haven’t rolled lumpia since college and only a few times with Sista then. So I found myself slicing beans while Sista bossed me around, telling me my slices were too thick. So I’d pull back my pile and re slice them again…. “Thinner!” she’d tell me while bouncing Meg’s daughter on her lap and looking rather like the queen matriarch of our little tribe. 


The hula girl’s were, of course, slicing perfect. Look at that concentration. You’d never believe the wine and cacophonous laughter that happened only moments before and after this picture were taken. 


The laughter and the smiles were the best part. That comfort you can only feel when you are with your tribe. Where every comment is followed with an absolutely spot on, and hilarious retort. When sharing your successes everyone cheers. And when looking towards your futures together, you just can’t wait to get started!


You can’t really tell in this picture but Sista is expecting a daughter soon. I can’t wait to meet her!


And this little cutie has grown up so fast! I can’t believe she’s already 1!


It’s funny, I hate when there’s a million people in the kitchen, unless it’s these girls. It feels like some ancient tradition, women coming together to make good food. Who does that anymore? I’m glad we do. I hope we will still roll lumpia when we’re old and grey. We make a great team!




One by one, bit by bit, these little rolls of heaven came together. Before we knew it, we had cleaned out that huge wok of stuffing and made over 100 rolls I’d wager. And then we fried them up and had them with chicken adobo for dinner. 


Food always tastes better when it’s made with love.

Do you have any cooking traditions that you and your family or friends partake in?




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  1. So much fun! I used to have a group of girls I would get together with and make eggrolls with. But then, I moved to far away. Someday… I hope when I am back visiting we can get the old group together!

  2. What a great time with your family! We are spread out all over the country so we don’t have moments like this. Your lumpia looks delish! Pinning!
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