Wassail Cocktail

This post. I’ve been so excited to write it since I first had the idea a few months ago. And then I looked at the pictures I took for the post this morning. They were good pictures but nothing about them expressed that this is a Christmas drink. I pouted all day. When was I going to have time to recreate the pictures and holiday it up?? Just as I was about give up and save this post for next year, a thought occured to me…. Pic Monkey! Pic Monkey is a website that allows you to gussie up your pictures with overlays, fonts, and all sort of nifty tools. 

It started innocently enough with a little reindeer on the crock pot and frost around the edges…..

And then things got sillier and sillier. 

I had way too much fun making these this afternoon.

I’m sure, by now you’re wondering what is this drink all about? To start, it’s a medieval drink of hot mulled cider and spices. Way back in the day, wassail was brought door to door by carolers to both keep warm and offer a warm treat for home owners to enjoy with the music. Often the home owners will give gifts to the wassailers in return. 

Here we come a-wassailing
Among the leaves so green;
Here we come a-wand’ring
So fair to be seen.

Get the idea? So when time came for our annual white elephant Christmas party, I thought this would be the perfect time to take my recipe for a test run. It was a huge hit. I had to keep refilling my crock pot with extra ingredients people were enjoying it so much! 

Besides the traditional apple cider and mulling spices, I added fresh oranges, rum,  and Leinenkugels Cranberry Ginger Shandy for a little fizz. Set it on low all afternoon and your house will smell divine!

Wassail Cocktail
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Cook Time
5 hr
Cook Time
5 hr
  1. 1 gallon fresh apple cider
  2. 4 navel oranges
  3. 3 tbsp cider mate (found in the bulk organic spices) - or equal amounts dried cloves, cinnamon sticks, and star anise.
  4. 2 bottles of Leinenkugel Cranberry Ginger Shandy or other carbonated hard cider
  5. 3-5 cups rum. Depending on your preference.
  1. Add apple cider and cider mate to a crock pot set on low.
  2. Hand squeeze 3 of the oranges into the crock pot.
  3. Slice the 4th orange and add to the crock pot as well.
  4. Cook on low for 5 hours
  5. Add shandy and rum right before serving.
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