Northwest Flower and Garden Show Review 2018

The Northwest Flower and Garden Show is certainly one of my most favorite events of the year. Yesterday was my 5th year attending and their 30th anniversary. An outstanding show. Located in the Seattle Convention Center, we spent 6 hours there and still felt rushed! No joke, there is so much to see. Here are a few of my favorite highlights.

The Show Gardens

My favorite display. “Father’s Day” By Nature Perfect Landscape. These huge cedar root ball slices where extraordinary! The giant chess set made me want to walk in and start a game!

My 2nd favorite – “Living Art-Fully” by Elandan Gardens. The sculpture in the back is made of basalt, “Winged Victory” I adore their use of red tulips!

Fish in the Garden is a popular vendor. I’ve always wanted to get a set but I know Stella would make short work out of destroying them in her daily thrashing about the yard. 

By the Redwood Builders, this zen inspired display brings instant calm. 

They had the most incredible bonsai’s

Soiree of Reflections by Treeline Designz

Chrysanthemum Marble. Incredible!


“For the Apple of My Eye” by Avid Landscape Design. This display showed the rivalry of the Apple Cup. What you see here is the wheat sculptures representing the fields of the Palouse area. 

Seriously how do they get full-grown trees and huge stone pillars in this place?

Northwest Orchid Society

This display needs its own designation. Hundreds of species of orchids all flowering at the same time. It’s a sight to behold. You will often hear passerby’s proclaiming how they’ve never seen such a large collection in one place.

If a clematis and an orchid got married and had a baby.

Angel Orchids

Independence Day alien orchids


Someone needs a hug.

The Creatures of the NWFGS

One thing to be said about the NWFGS, you’re never lonely. There’s always a million weird and wonderful critters to take home to liven up your garden.  

Feed me Seymour!

These frogs were incredibly heavy! Carved from a single stone!

For the Dark Crystal fans

Ever get the feeling like you’re being watched?

The “It” Plant

This year’s “It” plant was the Abutllon Red Tiger. They were selling these in the plant market by the dozen! Everyone had one in their hot little hand including me. Can’t wait to get it in a pot today!

My Treasures


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